BroadLink Releases FastCon BLE Solution, Redefining Smart Home


HANGZHOU, CHINA / May 6, 2022 - BroadLink, China's leading smart home solution provider, launched FastCon BLE smart home solution. As a pioneer in the smart home industry, BroadLink has applied FastCon BLE technology to a series of new products, among which the Starter Kit (which contains 3 smart bulbs 1 scene switch, and 1 mini hub) has been released on May 5.



Since 2013, BroadLink has started market development in many countries and states. So far BroadLink has successfully launched a full range of smart home devices around the world, especially smart plugs and universal remotes that have met with a favorable reception.


Unlike the previous launch focusing on single smart items, BroadLink are devoted to building BLE smart home this time. Supported by patented FastCon BLE technology, BroadLink is going to release a variety of new products such as lights, sensors, shadings, and cameras. All these products are compatible with each other and easy to set up, so you can choose whatever you want to create your own smart home independently. We believe with BroadLink FastCon products, you will enjoy an easy, fast, and economical smart home experience.



Presently, the smart devices market is growing rapidly. However, users are still troubled by problems such as complicated manuals, unstable connections, excessive permission requirements, etc. These are also the reasons impeding the development of smart home. To deal with these problems and bring users the pleasure of smart home, BroadLink FastCon BLE smart home solution comes with a range of competitive advantages.


1. Easy Installation in Seconds

Different from traditional smart devices, the setup experience of BroadLink FastCon BLE products is very quick and easy. All you need to do is power up your devices and tap “Add Device”. Besides, you can add up to 90 devices together in flash.  



2. Faster Speed, Better Reliability

The enhanced mesh networking covers complex buildings without blind spots and manages all devices in a single network. Therefore, all of your BroadLink FastCon BLE products can receive your commands quickly without delay. You can control a maximum of 250 devices in 1 second.


3. Multiple Scenes for Multipurpose

BroadLink BLE app and scene switch are designed with out-of-box preset scenes for movie, reading, sleep, etc. You can activate these scenes via the app or by pressing buttons on the panel without further settings. Except for preset scenes, you can also set devices to the state you like, and save the current settings as a new scene with one click. Even for beginners, it is super easy.



Besides these advantages mentioned above, BroadLink FastCon BLE products also have features including voice & remote control, batch control, no account system, and music sync.


As the first BroadLink FastCon BLE product, the Starter Kit has already been available on Amazon and AliExpress.This year, more FastCon BLE products such as sensors, shadings, cameras, and gateways will also be released successively. In addition, smart domestic appliances are expected.


About BroadLink

Leading the smart home industry since 2013, BroadLink developed the first smart universal remote, smart plug, and air sensor in China, building an exceptional experience for our users. In 2021, with industrial-leading FastCon technology, BroadLink brought users ultra-low power consumption, easier device pairing, and a massive device management experience for smart gadgets. In 2022, BroadLink launched new FastCon BLE technology, ready to surprise the smart home industry again!


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