All appliances can be remote controlled by only one smart phone
Support 5,000+ models of home appliances, TV, Set-Top Box, Air-conditioning, Loudspeaker Box, Motor Curtain…
No matter IR remote, or RF remote, only one smart phone can control everything
Turn on your air-conditioning, no matter where you are
Support 99% air-conditioning in the market, automatic cloud panel match, one button download app to remote control.
Turn on air-conditioning before you get home, enjoy warm time when you get home
Never miss one second of excellent match
Stay up late for the match, but oversleep, RM Pro+ help you turn on TV at right time and right channel.
Enjoy your match!
No need to turn on air-conditioning all night,
but comfortable all night
Set health sleep curve, turn off air-conditioning at deep sleep, turn on air-conditioning before you wake up to prevent hot or cold.
Even in sleep, you deserve to enjoy gentle and careful care.
Health Sleep
Smart Home, Scene interaction
If sensor monitors light darken/temperature higher/lower
Then turn on air-conditioning in cold mode/humidifier automatically
Powerful and Stable function
315/433 MHz RF remote control, 3 time transmit ability
IR control distance 8-15m, RF signal is stable and wide coverage
RM Pro signal signal signal
Easy to control all IR RF device
7 IR transmitter inside, remote control IR appliances (Air-conditioning, TV, Top-Set Box, Loudspeaker, etc.)
RF hardware, remote control RF devices (motor curtain, wall switch light, etc.)
IR signal 433MHz/315MHz
Cloud backup set information, No matter which phone you use
Login to upload date to cloud, synchronize original data at new phone
No matter IOS or Android, you can back up your own information freely.
You can share the control panel with other user also
Remote control with fun, intelligence following
Real time remote control, timing remote control, remote control available, forget all kinds of remote control.
Enjoy your intelligence, smart life with simple set
One button set, only 3 steps
Download app, input Wi-Fi password, 30s to connect
Infrared Transmitting Material
Reduce the infrared diffuse reflection
Infrared transmittance rate
beautiful and unique design
Fashionable and Elegant
Outline the beauty of art
Petals Shape Emission Light
Multiple Levels Lauch
Guarantee each order will be
sent quickly and accurately
Technical Datasheet
Appearance RM pro+ RM pro+

Input Voltage5V DC Input Current≥1A

Working Temperature0~55℃ Working humidity≤85%RH

Wi-Fi Frequency2.4GHz  802.11b/g/n Standby power consumption≤1W

Infrared frequency38K ControlAll Directions

RF433/315MHz Transmit Power≤10dBm

Dimension 114.5L × 109W ×36H (mm)
Material Infrared Transmitting Material

Fast-connection Wi-Fi module

3D simulation antenna

iOS 7.0/Android 4.0 and above